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OCP Group Announces the Creation of its Subsidiary "OCP Africa", Dedicated to the Agricultural Development in Africa

An African company committed to the development of the agricultural ecosystem in Africa, OCP Group is the world's leading producer and exporter of phosphates in all forms and an essential player on the fertilizers market.
For the 7th international "Argus FMB Africa Fertilizer 2016" conference, being held at the moment from 24th to 26th February in Marrakech, OCP Group is delighted to announce the creation of its subsidiary, OCP AFRICA.
This new entity aims to contribute to meeting the challenge of creating structured, efficient and sustainable agriculture on the continent of Africa, by providing agricultural producers with all the resources they need in order to succeed: suitable, affordable products, services and partnerships, logistics and financial solutions
1 - Improve the fertility and productivity of African soils with an offer of suitable products
To achieve this OCP AFRICA is investing massively in research and innovation and is strengthening its agronomic skills to serve sustainable, precision agriculture.
2 - Secure the production of competitive fertilizers, close to major agricultural areas
A first fertilizer production unit, with a capacity of 1 million tons per year, the African Fertilizer Complex (AFC), has been inaugurated on February the 1st 2016 in Morocco by His Majesty the King Mohammed VI. OCP AFRICA is continuing this industrial development programme in sub-Saharan Africa with several industrial projects being developed close to consumer markets. These major projects will also act as driving forces for African economies, with the creation of local value and local jobs throughout the construction and operation phases.
3 - Guarantee the transport of agricultural inputs to farmers
OCP AFRICA is putting in place, both internally and with its local partners, storage and blending facilities in ports and close to consumer areas. OCP AFRICA is strengthening its existing logistics capacities and will contribute to the development of new proximity distribution networks, serving the whole of the agricultural sector.
4 - Contribute, alongside African farmers, to the development of sustainable agricultural ecosystems
In the next few months, OCP AFRICA will implement several local and international partnerships in order to provide the end consumer - the farmer - with a complete range of products and services working towards an increase in both yield and income.
OCP AFRICA plans to open about fifteen subsidiaries in Africa over the coming months. The objective is to commit specifically in each country, taking into account the diversity of geographies and the maturity of their markets.
OCP AFRICA in figures
Over 15 nationalities already represented.
Objective of 240 staff by the end of 2016.
Offices in 16 countries.
OCP AFRICA, subsidiary of the OCP group, obtains "Casablanca Finance City" (CFC) status
OCP AFRICA, a holding company dedicated to the African continent and newly created by the OCP group, has just been granted CFC status. This label is a real asset for the company in facilitating its investments and operations across the continent, thanks to the various advantages that it offers, notably a propitious business environment including administrative facilities, a relaxation of the foreign exchange regime and an attractive taxation framework. In addition, membership of the CFC ecosystem encourages exchanges and interaction with around a hundred international firms operating and investing in Africa.
About Argus FMB Africa
Supported sinceits launch in 2010 by OCP Group, the Argus FMB Africa fertilizer has established itself as the only event to fertilizers use in Africa. 60 countries are represented at this annual event.
The Argus FMB Africa fertilizer aims to develop the debate on strategies for increasing fertilizer consumption growth in West Africa, on strategies for infrastructure developments and also on development in East and Southern Africa.With more than 400 attendees from 24th to 26th February in Marrakech, the event beats all the records.
About OCP group
OCP group is proud to contribute to feeding the expanding world population by providing it with elements that are essential for soil fertility and plant growth.
With almost a century of expertise, OCP Group is one of the world leaders on the market for phosphate and its derivatives. The Group offers an extensive range of fertilizer products for use in enriching soils, increasing agricultural yield and feeding the world in an economic and sustainable way.
Based in Morocco, OCP Group works in close partnership with over 160 clients across the 5 continents.


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