Membership Benefits

Member Services/Benefits at a Glance

§  Provision of industry trend data,   monthly trade and market data and information to help members to anticipate changes in the industry/market and properly  plan their businesses;

§  Evidence based research to collect data and information for joint advocacy, advisory services, data base development and better r business environment and for members business planning.

§  identifying leading product safety initiatives, influencing, communicating standards, regulatory development and compliance;

§  Business development services;

§  Best practices to provide valuable, reliable and timely information.

§  Capacity building for members’ company staff

§  Linkages with sources of raw materials and markets for finished products

§  Joint publicity, adverts and promotions

§  Representation of FEPSAN’s interest at the Federal, State and local levels

§  Representation at fairs, exhibitions and shows.

§  Development of data base for the industry



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