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Morocco’s OCP invests US$ 16.5 billion

ANBA – October 10, 2014

The state-owned fertilizer company is rolling out several projects to increase production and meet the expected pickup in demand by 2016.
London – OCP, Morocco’s state-owned fertilizer manufacturing company, is currently working on several projects to increase its phosphate output, in line with the global market expansion expected by 2016, as reported by the Oxford Business Group (OBG), a British-based, internationally-active economic research and analysis company.
Higher sales of value-added products such as fertilizers may offset OCP’s subpar revenues stemming from raw material sales at low prices, according to a recent analysis from the OBG. OCP’s main line of activity is mining for phosphate, an input user in fertilizer manufacturing.
OCP is rolling out an investment program worth 145 billion Moroccan dirhams, equivalent to over 13 billion euros, or US$ 16.5 billion, which should enable higher output at lower costs, thus ensuring a good position in the face of the expected global market rebound, according to the British consulting firm.
OCP has offices in Brazil and acquired a stake in Heringer Fertilizantes, based in the state of Espírito Santo.
*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum with information from the ANBA Newsroom



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